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For ages and ages wearing jewelry has been a tradition and an expression

of one's personality, passions and lifestyle. Your jewelry is a statement to the world. Let's collaborate and go beyond mere accessory.

Our custom work is designed and fabricated In-House, in our shop by

Master Jeweler and Designer, George Evearts.

George works with your ideas and incorporates the finest materials such as precious metals, diamonds and gems. His inspiration comes from you and a fascination with the amazing artisans who created Art Deco, Retro and other masterpieces.


Custom Design.jpg

George puts pen to paper and can also utilize the latest 3D CAD technology; exchanging thoughts with you along the way.

Our design studio and workshop can produce beautiful jewelry that matches your budget and provides fantastic value for your investment.

Are you interested in sculptural jewelry? Perhaps a timeless classic?

Or even a re-design of an item you'd like to re-imagine.

Let's design something that tells your story!


Custom design 3.jpg
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